Using mod_security2 with WordPress

ModSecurity is an open source web application firewall which prevent attacks for your websites however if the rules are not configured properly, the legit URLs may be blocked by mod_security rules. Recently I received few errors “405 Method Not Allowed” and “406 Not Acceptable” while accessing my WordPress admin area. After investigating, I found that […]

How to reset your WordPress admin password?

In case if you forget your WordPress admin password and you are unable to reset it via forgot password, you have to reset your password through the WordPress database directly. The most convenient way to manage the database is via the phpMyAdmin tool at your web hosting account.In phpMyAdmin, select your WordPress database from the […]

Moving WordPress blog within your web site

You may need to move your WordPress blog from one directory to another directory within your web site. You will need to take certain things while changing your blog directory. Following are the step by step instruction to move your blog: 1. Create a new location using one of these two options: 1.1. If you […]

How to import your blog from LiveJournal to WordPress blog

WordPress provides facility to import your posts from your blogs to your self hosted WordPress blog. To import your posts, [1] Login to your blog admin panel. [2] Go to Tools -> Import. [3] Click on “LiveJournal“. This will ask you to enter your LiveJournal username and password and then click on “Connect to […]

Import Movable Type or TypePad blog to WordPress blog

WordPress provides facility to import your posts and comments from your Moveable Type/TypePad blog to self hosted WordPress blog. To import your posts and comments, you require exporting your TypePad blog’s posts and comments in the Movable Type Import Format. To create an export file, go to Blogs > Settings > Import/Export and scroll down […]

How to exclude categories from the home page of your WordPress Blog

Sometimes you may need to hide certain categories from your WordPress Blog. Currently there is no in-built facility available in WordPress to hide categories though there are many themes available to with this functionality. If your WordPress theme does not have this option, you will require making following changes to hide categories from your blog […]