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Postcard is a travel blogging theme with neat Google Maps integration allowing you to geo-tag posts with locations and display your recent travels on widgetized maps. Its packed full of all the functionality a traveller needs to publish news and photos for friends and family back home.

Postcard WordPress Theme by WooThemes

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[1] Custom home page slider
A custom home page featured scroller to highlight specifically tagged posts and present them uniquely – looking like the front and back of a postcard.

[2] Google Maps integration
Google Maps integration for geo-tagging of posts, with a custom map panel for your blog post editor and journey planning widgets for usage on the home page.

[3] Custom Widgets
Other Custom Woo Widgets for use in the 3 widgetized home page zones, and 1 generic site sidebar – e.g. Twitter feeds and Flickr photo streams

[4] Image Gallery

A category-based image gallery template that groups photos published in posts according to categories, and displays each category’s photos, minus the post content using neat AJAX trickery and ThickBox for image pop-ups.

[5] Alternative styles
9 alternate styles ranging from a ‘minimal’ blank canvas through to an ‘airmail envelope’ style, allowing for its usage to truly be limitless and it’s appeal to reach further than just travel bloggers.

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  1. Ritesh

    Perfect theme for travel blog….

  2. Ritesh

    Perfect theme for travel blog….

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